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Cheyenne Craft Cartridges - Magnum

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Cheyenne Craft Magnum Cartridge come in a box of 20 Read more
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Cheyenne Craft Magnum Cartridges have all the qualities you have come to expect from Cheyenne, excellent needle cartridges that are easy to use and replace, now in boxes of 20. The internal membrane will protect your machine and client by stopping any fluids moving up and down the tip. What sets the Cheyenne Craft Cartridges apart is the simplified design: The plastic tips are made from a single mold of medical grade plastic. They are designed to withstand the continuous movement of the needles, so they will not break up and release small bits of plastic into your client's skin. 

*For every box of 20 cartridges sold, Cheyenne will donate part of the proceeds to Sea Shepherd, a non-profit organization that fights for marine conservation and to protect our oceans.

Key Features:

  • Needle Type: magnum
  • Single mold casing
  • Medical grade plastic tips
  • Safety membrane