Eternal Ink Standard - White Knight

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Eternal Ink Standard - White Knight has an opaque white hue and performs as an excellent high-lighting and tinting ink. The consistency is slightly thinner than our M Series Perfect White. Read more


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The color presented here represents Eternal Inks core collection of tattoo inks. These are the colors we have consistently created over the years. They capture a wide diversity of color, intensity and value on the color wheel. 

Additional Information:

  • Eternal Ink is made of natural pigments and deionized water.
  • Eternal Ink is free of animal by-products and is vegan.
  • Eternal Ink is not tested on animals.
  • Eternal Ink is supplied in a medical grade sealed bottle, ensuring its longevity before and after opening.
  • Eternal Ink pigments are regularly evaluated for testing.
  • Eternal Ink cooperates with all regulations.