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Eco-conscious full bed covers! Like all of Green House products, they are 100% plant-based and 100% plastic-free. Read more
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Green House Tattoo Supplies


Our full bed covers measure 760mm x 2050mm and come in a handy refill pack of 10, which can easily be dispensed and stored in your own reusable container. These covers have been designed to cover the average tattoo bed.

Traditional bed covers for tattooing only come in one size - all or nothing, and other things like clingfilm are used too. This often causes a lot of excess material to be wasted. To combat this we offer 3 different sizes of bed cover - ¼ bed, ½ bed and full bed - as well as another smaller cover that can be used for areas such as workstations or armrests. If none of the sizes we offer are quite right for you, we encourage cutting the sheets to size to reduce waste even more!

Our equipment covers are very versatile and have been designed to replace the need for clingfilm - many artists have even been using these to wrap tattoos as well as cover their workspace! Plus, we’ve also found this a much more comfortable & pleasant material to lay on compared to sweaty single-use plastics.

The material our equipment covers is made from has a natural light static which helps it cling to your equipment. To enhance the natural static qualities of this material we recommend lightly spraying the area with water or cleaning product before applying the cover, this will reduce or even eliminate the need for additional products such as tape to hold it in place securely.

All of our equipment coverings feature a light green tint and their environmental certifications are printed on the material, making it easy to distinguish them from regular plastic products.


Environmental benefits of our products and packaging;

Keep fossil-fuels in the ground - our materials are made from plants instead of oil

Plant-based - our materials come from nature and are certified as compostable

Sustainable - our materials are produced from annually renewable resources

GM free - no genetically modified contents are used to make our materials

All Green Everything! - our materials are light green so you can easily distinguish our eco supplies from regular plastic tattoo supplies

Plastic-free packaging - all of our packaging is plant-based and certified as compostable too

* Zero-waste packaging - our products come in eco refill packs so there is no pointless single-use packaging in sight! 

Green manufacturing - our products are manufactured and packed in the UK by two green manufacturers who specialise in bioplastics

Low product mileage & no air miles - manufacturing and packing of our products is structured to keep product mileage to a minimum before travelling to you

Green fulfilment - a green logistics company stores, packages and delivers the products around the world


Traditional plastics are made from oil, but ours are made from plants so they help keep fossil fuels in the ground!

The material used to make our equipment coverings and packaging is part of a broad family of innovative bioplastics that comes from plants instead of fossil-fuels, but still has very similar characteristics to traditional plastics.

The materials we use come from nature and are designed to return to the Earth with no release of polluting substances - a true closed-loop. The process of making these materials is inspired by nature and it starts by using greenhouse gases, like atmospheric carbon as a feedstock. Nature does this all the time, it’s what plants, entire forests, and even huge structures like coral reefs are built from.

All of our products and packaging are made from sustainable plants like cassava, corn starch, sugar cane, or beets, whereas traditional plastics are made from oil. The feedstock (raw material) used is always derived from renewable resources that can be grown and harvested in a single season, providing a sustainable material with low environmental impact.