InkJet Stencil Formula (4 oz)

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**BLACK FRIDAY DEAL** One Roll of TatuDerm and Sample bottle of Inkjet Stencil Prep Spray with any Inkjet products purchase! (While supplies last) One 4oz Bottle of InkJet Stencils® Patented Methyl Violet Stencil Formula Read more
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InkJet Stencils® is a patented methyl violet formula for stencil printing, brought to you by the makers of Tatu-Derm. Eliminating the need to hand-draw your work, this formula saves realism and portrait artists hours of time. Simply create your image using your wireless device or computer, fill your printer with InkJet Stencils® ink, and print onto Pacon tracing paper. This product is recommended for use with an Epson EcoTank model printer.

This listing is for one 4oz bottle of InkJet Stencils®, which yields about 3,000 tattoo stencils on average; that equates to less than 10 cents per print. Save on time and money today with InkJet Stencils®.


Size: 4oz
Patented methyl violet formula
Prints ~3,000 stencils per bottle
From the creators of Tatu-Derm
Recommended for use with Epson EcoTank printers + Pacon tracing paper
Made in the USA
Price per one bottle