Kwadron Nemesis Power Supply - Black

$180.00 In stock
High quality, precision power tattoo supply. The casing is made from a single piece of aluminum machined by CNC. NEMESIS power supply is a fully functional device, protection long-lasting, trouble-free operation. Despite the small size, has plenty of p Read more
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- Three-digit LED display
- 10 turns potentiometer - accurate to 0.1V
- Manual foot switch - possibility to work without foot
- Supplied external power supply (adapter) - dedicated to the model
- Adjustable voltage range of 0-20V
- large jack input / output
- Voltage: INPUT: 24VDC / OUTPUT: 2:20 VDC (max 3A)
- Dimensions (width / length / height): 80x70x35mm
- 12 months warranty