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SkinLock is a transparent liquid tattoo sealant which instantly locks in your ink, promotes fast healing and protects the integrity of your fresh tattoo. Read more
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SkinLock™, a medical-grade hydrogel tattoo sealant, instantly locks in your ink and protects the integrity of your fresh tattoo. With one spray, SkinLock™ replaces messy bandages, plastic wraps, and greasy creams. SkinLock forms a clear, flexible, AntiMicrobial barrier what absorbs excess fluid while protecting any fresh tattoo. Plus, its easily applied in seconds. Don't compromise your ink..."Lock It In" with SkinLock™.

Applied immediately to a fresh tattoo, SkinLock™ quickly locks your ink in place, stops all of that nasty “oozing” and protects your fresh tattoo with a 100% transparent, flexible and antimicrobial barrier.  With a quick spray, SkinLock™ replaces all of those messy, unsanitary and hard-to-apply meat pads, vet wraps and plastic wraps with a clear, breathable solution that is easy to apply to ANY part of the body in seconds.  Plus, SkinLock™ helps to speed up recovery time.  Within three hours, SkinLock™ will have delivered better results and will have protected the integrity of your tattoo better than any other product or method can deliver within several days.  There is no other product available today that compares to the benefits of SkinLock™.