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Sample of 5 mixed Killer Ink Stellar sterile tattoo cartridges Read more


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The Killer Ink Stellar Needle Cartridges are high quality cartridges containing precision soldered needles. The round liners and round shaders are fitted with a special stabiliser to stop the needle wobbling, making them perfect for stable, accurate work. The cartridges are fitted with a secure membrane, which ensures that no ink or blood can leak through into the grip. The Stellar Needles are enclosed in a single capsule, made from a super strong poly-carbonate material, allowing the needle to effortlessly glide without causing wear and tear. The cartridges are transparent, offering complete visibility of the needle while tattooing.

Technical Data

  • Diameter of Each Microneedle (mm): #12 = 0.35, #10 = 0.30 and #08 = 0.25
  • Taper (mm): 2 [5.5 taper for round liners]

The Killer Ink Stellar mixed box consists of:

  • 1x #12 RL/05 (Round Liner)
  • 1x #08 RL/03 (Round Liner)
  • 1x #12 RS/09 (Round Shader)
  • 1x #12 RM/15 (Round Magnum)
  • 1x #10 M1/09 (Magnum Weaved)