About Us

Supporting a healthier, greener tattoo community! 

Artist-owned and committed to quality

Obsidian has recently relocated from Portland, Oregon to Dallas, Texas; and Our team is excited to be serving the artists of the greater Dallas area! 

We are a minority, women-led, and artist owned tattoo supply specializing in high quality, eco-friendly professional tattoo supplies.

We cultivate a product lineup that takes the guesswork out of selection for the artists who shop with us. We’re constantly curating our stock to better meet our goal of bringing you the best, healthiest, greenest products for you and your customers. From vegan ink, to compostable or reusable disposables, to low-toxicity disinfectant, and more. 

We welcome any feedback on how we can improve your shopping experience.


Why shop at Obsidian Tattoo Supply? 

  1. As an artist-owned shop, we only stock products we know will deliver excellent results and a safe experience for your client.
  2. We specialize in seeking out healthy, sustainable, cruelty-free products.
  3. Can't beat convenience of local delivery, and nation-wide shipping.
  4. The Obsidian Tattoo Supply Bus, a mobile, walk in store with all of your supply needs is now making its rounds regularly across the Dallas area!
  5. Inclusive, safe shopping experience where all are welcome — whoever you are, and whether you're new to tattooing or well-established.